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"I Want the Best for My Child!"

So, Are You an Obsessed Parent?

I'll bet you are. And you make no apologies for it...in fact, you're proud of it. Good for you!

It takes dedication to be a great parent. It takes love, perseverance and yes, maybe even a little obsession too. After all, this is your child we're talking about!

Because you want to raise a confident, intelligent and well-rounded child you put in a lot of time and effort helping your child grow both physically and mentally.

And you want the very best of everything the world has to offer for your child. Sound about right?

So, what's this have to do with a Happy Fish grow chart?


Building Your Child's Confidence
This is a big "key to life" issue. Simply put: Give a child a healthy dose of self confidence and you've given them a better start at life...it's that simple.
This happy fish grow chart is a self confidence builder because it shows your child their growing progress and encourages them to the next level.

Like fish swimming up a stream this chart reminds them of their progress day after day motivating them to look forward to their next fish friend's height milestone.

And how do you encourage your child to reach that next milestone? By eating right, exercising, going to bed on time and developing other healthy habits.

Yes, this happy fish grow chart will help you teach your child good behavior too.

Start Their Learning Early

Colors and numbers are important early on and the height rulers in both English and Metric help them understand how bigger numbers mean bigger size, (them!).

Learning the two measuring systems on the chart helps expand their minds early to the idea that there are different ways to measure. Just think, maybe they'll be a marine biologist and the metric system will become their world!

Putting your child's name boldly across the top mounting handle really helps them know that this chart is all about them and their journey to grow up.

No one will have a doubt when your son or daughter takes them by the hand to their room and shows them "This is mygrowchart".

"As soon as we hung it up my daughter, Abigail, was showing everyone who came to the house ‘her' grow chart and how it worked"

Enter their name in all CAPS or in upper and lower case letters the way you'd like it and we'll send it just that way. Choose from five fun fonts at the bottom of this page to get the look you want.

So Since I Want the Best For My Child Why Should I Choose THIS Grow Chart?

Thanks for asking. Here's some answers:

  1. Because it's built to last. Most grow charts last only a couple of years and that's bitterly disappointing. This chart will become an important family heirloom after it has succeeded in charting your child's growth so it needs to last a LONG TIME! Made of rigid vinyl (like a credit card but thinner) it's ready to safeguard your memories.
  2. Because this Happy Fish grow chart measures to 6 FEET TALL you'll have a lot of years to measure.
  3. You can even wash it. Just use a mild soap and water and the dirt will come off leaving your measurements because...
  4. You get a free permanent marking pen with it. ($1.95 value)
  5. It comes with free hanger/handles for both the top and bottom of the chart. These handles really give the chart a nicely finished look and make hanging your grow chart very easy. ($3.95 value)
  6. It's easy to hang, store or move. Since people tend to move on average, every five years, this is important. You just pop the hanger handles off and roll it up into a 6" coil and you're set.
  7. Original artwork. Drawn by Pacific Northwest artist Cory Orcutt the "Happy Fish" design with its pleasant marine colors looks great with any kid's room decor.
  8. Yes there's more but I'm sure you get the point...we've gone to great lengths to make this the best grow chart you can buy to document your child's growing adventure.

So Make Me a Deal and Get it to Me Quick, Right?

OK. Here's the deal(s). For a limited time (like until postage rates go up again) we'll wave the shipping and handling charges and ship it to you Standard Parcel Post via USPS for FREE. You'll get it in about 8 - 10 days. That saves you about $5.95. (U.S and Canada orders).   We offer a shipping upgrade to Priority mail for $5.50, saving you nearly $1 off actual Priority shipping costs).

Want to save more? OK, order three or more grow charts (any models you like) and you'll get $4 off each chart you order. This is especially great when you realize that these grow charts are...

Just Possibly the Best Child's Gift Ever

Just think. Gifts of clothing and toys will be long forgotten when kids are still measuring their growing progress on the grow chart you so thoughtfully gave.

You can further insure that your generosity will be remembered by using the permanent pen that comes with the chart to an inscription like "To Laura with love from Aunt Linda 11/1/2009" on the back.

Who knows how many years later you'll still be on their minds for your good hearted gift?

You'll be Supporting Children Worldwide!
A portion of the proceeds from each grow chart you buy is donated to sponsor children through World Vision. This amazing organization supplies food, clothing and education to kids in need around the world. Check out their great work at www.worldvison.org.

Of Course, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Naturally, we're so convinced that you'll love your new Happy Fish grow chart that it's easy for us to guarantee your satisfaction. So, if for any reason your grow chart does not meet your expectations you are welcome to return it in new condition to us within 30 days for a full refund or exchange at your option.

Start Building Your Child's Confidence Today!

Why not start your own vertical timeline of your child's growing years right away. By ordering right now you'll get:

  • Free Standard Shipping (a $5.95 value and a discount on upgrade to Priority shipping!)
  • Free Permanent Marking Pen ($1.95 value)
  • Free Top and Bottom molded hanger handles ($3.95 value-wow this is adding up!)
  • A Discount of $4 each on Orders of 3 or more grow charts
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • A Beautiful Record of Your Child's Growing Years

Thanks for shopping with us. We look forward to providing you with the opportunity to track and encourage your child's growth for the many years to come!


Scott and Cathy

P.S. Accelerate your child's confidence and learning by ordering right now and we'll get your grow chart to you quick! All our grow charts are in-stock and ready to ship.

P.P.S. We won't be able to offer the Free Standard Shipping for much longer so please take advantage of this savings now!

P.P.P.S. Remember to personalize your grow chart. Making their grow chart "my"growchart" is extra-empowering for your child.

Questions? We'd love to hear from you at info@mygrowchart.com We'll get back to you soon!

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