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How to Preserve the Memories of Your Child’s Growing Years

Your Precious Memories. You can’t let them slip away!

Of course, you can’t stop time but you can capture those priceless memories on this beautiful My Fuzzy Friends grow chart, covered with Teddy Bears and Bunnies.

On this grow chart you’ll save the memory of each growing milestone for years to come.  This grow chart is a great memory catcher, a vertical timeline and, in the years to come, a valuable family heirloom.

Built to Last

Why this grow chart?  Because grow charts need to last.  And this one will.  Made of the same material as your credit cards (just thinner and more flexible) it won’t come apart like so many charts do.  And that’s a good thing.  Because this chart is made so you can measure your child all the way to 6 feet tall.  That’s a lot of memories to measure!

Most growth charts are made of paper and barely last a couple of years.  Not this growth chart. It’s built knowing that what you record on it is truly…Precious!

It’s likely that you’ll keep this grow chart for 20 years or more.  That’s why it’s so important that these grow charts stand the test of time to keep your child’s growing record safe.

“It’s really a nice product…heavily built and durable”
                                                    M. Anderson

Easy to Hang, Move, Store or Clean

Since people tend to move, on average, every five years (yep, that’s the average!) your growth chart needs to easily move with you.  Your My Fuzzy Friends growth chart has been made easily transportable.  Just pop off the top and bottom hanging handles and roll it up into a 6” coil and you’re ready to go…it’s flexible…just like you.

Got it dirty during the move? (Or from little sticky fingers?)  No Problem!  This growth chart is designed to be cleaned with mild soap and water without washing off your markings.  How’s that?  Each Teddy Bears growth chart is shipped with a FREE permanent marking pen that won’t wash off when you clean your grow chart.

Along with the FREE permanent marking pen you’ll also get FREE super-convenient mounting handles for both the top and bottom of your grow chart.  These molded handles make it easy to hang your chart in several ways including a “no holes in the wall” option.  They also help the chart hang straight and true while giving a nicely finished look to this beautiful piece of artwork.

Original Artwork

Drawn by Pacific Northwest artist Cory Orcutt this original “My Fuzzy Friends” artwork is a great addition to your child’s room.  The Teddy Bears and Bunnies soft pastel colors in blues, pinks, yellows and oranges make a cheery match to lots of popular child decorations. Kids and parents both love the illustrations.

“The pictures don’t really do it justice”

Want it Quick?

Oh yes.  For a limited time your Fuzzy Friends Growth Chart will be SHIPPED FREE to you via USPS Parcel Post, typically delivered within 8-10 days.  We also offer an upgrade to Priority mail for $5.50 (Arriving in just 3-4 business days you’ll be able to start charting your child’s growing milestones right away!  (and saving you shipping costs of nearly $1 for Priority!)

Order More- Save More

Want to save even more?  Hey, we all do.  Just order three or more of these grow charts (any models you like) and you’ll get $4 off each grow chart you order.  Every child and parent can enjoy these grow charts.  It’s usually pretty easy to think of great friends or relatives who would enjoy a grow chart gift.

Just Possibly the Best Child’s Gift Ever

How’s that?  Easy.  Because this gift will last for many years and your generosity will be remembered along with it. Gifts of toys and clothes will be long gone as your treasured grow chart still displays each important milestone.

You’ll be lovingly remembered year after year by both child and parents alike.  Just take the permanent marker provided with the grow chart and write an inscription on the back like “To Janet with love from Aunt Linda 10/10/08”.  Your words will always be there with your thoughtful gift.

“Thank you ever so much.  I’m excited to fill in our chart and add to it as our girls grow”

 A Fun Way to Learn English and Metric Measurements

Start the learning early.  Kids get to experience both systems together with inches and feet on the right and centimeters on the left of their new grow chart.  Seeing the two types of measurements together helps kids (and adults too!) understand how these measurements compare.

Build Your Child’s Confidence

Kids love to see how much they’ve grown.  Now when you tell them how big they’ve gotten you can show them too.  (This is a great motivator to get them to “eat your vegetables”.)

Personalize it!

Yes, your grow chart can be personalized too!   Kids love to see their name displayed across the top mounting handle. Adding personalization truly makes this “my” growchart.   

Just spell it with capital letters or upper and lower case the way you want it displayed and your chart will come customized just like that.  Choose from the five font choices in the personalization box at the bottom of this page to get the look you want.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

We are so convinced that you’ll love you’re my Fuzzy Friends grow chart that it’s easy for us to guarantee your satisfaction.  So, if for any reason your grow chart does not meet your expectations you are welcome to return it in new condition to us within 30 days for a full refund or exchange at your option.  It’s that simple.

Capture Growing Memories Today!

Why not start your own vertical timeline of your child’s growing years right now?  By ordering right away you’ll get:

  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Free Permanent marking pen
  • Free top and bottom display handles
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • A Beautiful Record of Your Child’s Growing Years


Thank You for letting us help you capture the memories of your child’s growing years!


Scott and Cathy

P.S. Don’t let the memories of your child’s growing years fade away. With this My Fuzzy Friends grow chart your child’s growing timeline will be yours to keep.

P.P.S. Remember to personalize your grow chart.  This is a great way to let your child know that this is truly “my”growchart.

P.P.P.S.  We won’t be able to keep the free standard shipping offer available for much longer so please take advantage of these savings now!

P.P.P.P.S. Have a question?  We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at and we’ll get back to you soon!

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Product Features:

  • Measures heights from 24" (61 cm) to 72" (182 cm) 6'! Short enough to be used as a baby growth chart yet tall enough to chart progress into teen years and beyond.
  • Rigid vinyl construction is durable enough to last many years. Hanging flat and true yet flexible enough to roll-up for transport to a new home.
  • Easily washable surface.
  • Frameable now or after your memories have been recorded.
  • Molded-end-caps hangers make hanging and re-hanging easy.
  • Permanent Marker pen included to record growing memories.
  • Our baby growth charts are made with non-toxic inks and materials.
  • Chart measurements in both inches and centimeters.
  • 100% Made in the USA.