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Consider This True Story

Are Your Memories Safe?

Recently, a young man entered a store and approached and older gentleman who was working there. "Are you Jim Green?" the younger man asked cautiously.

"Why yes I am" the older man replied.

"I am the new owner of a home at 606 Jackson Street, and I'm told that you were the original owner. Is that true?" the young man asked.

"Yes, that's true" said the older man. "We lived there from 1953 to 1985 and raised our family there. It was a wonderful home for us. I hope it is for your family too!"

"We think it will be a great place for us to raise our young family." The young man said. We're doing some remodeling and I think I have found something that might be very important for you to have."

"I removed this trim board from the upstairs closet and it looks like these are height markings from your children's growing years" he continued.

"I thought it might be important to return it to you" he said as he handed the board to him.

Spellbound, the older man examined the wooden trim board with its faded markings from over 40 years earlier. His eyes welled up as he struggled to contain his emotions.

"Oh my goodness", he said. "I thought I'd never see this again. Thank you. You are so kind and thoughtful to look me up and return it."

"These are some of the most important memories a parent can have" the younger man replied. "I'm glad they finally came home to you."

The story is true.

The older man was my father.

And he felt very lucky to have had this important piece of family history come back to him after so many years.

Are Your Memories Safe?

Really, think about it. The record of your child's growing progress is valuable and irreplaceable.

Growth records need to be easily transportable. And they need to last a LONG TIME. Dad was lucky to get his kid's growing record back. But if he had the chance to make those important records again he wouldn't count on luck this time.

Neither should you.

This Blue Stars grow chart is made to be easily transportable. And it's made to LAST.

Most grow charts are made of paper and only last a few years. That's unacceptable. You should insist on a much more permanent record of your child's growing milestones.

"It's really a nice product…heavily built and made to last."
M. Anderson, Customer

Just for Your Child

Personalized with your child's name boldly on the top mounting handle this grow chart will be uniquely theirs.

All you have to do is spell their name in upper and lower case or ALL CAPS and we'll send it just that way in one of the five fun fonts to choose from at the bottom of this page.

"As soon as we hung it up my daughter, Abigail, was showing everyone who came to the house ‘her' grow chart and how it worked"

Vegetable Eating Motivation!

The stars on this grow chart provide ever increasing goals to reach for…great leverage for you to encourage your child to "go to bed on time, exercise and of course to, ‘eat your vegetables".

Yes, this grow chart can help teach your child good behavior too!

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

It's as important as your child's physical health. Showing them their growing progress helps build their confidence on their way to being "all grown up".

Becoming a "big boy or girl" is a goal worthy of fanfare all along the way. And their very own grow chart announces each milestone along the way.

Be Unique

This original artwork, drawn by Pacific Northwest artist Cory Orcutt will make a great addition to your child's room. The expanding stars theme truly helps you tell them that "the stars are the limit".

Supporting Children Worldwide

A portion of the proceeds from each grow chart you purchase will be donated to sponsor children through World Vision. This incredible organization provides food, medicine and education to children in need throughout the world. Check out the wonderful work World Vision is doing at www.worldvision.org.

So, why is This Chart My Best Choice?

Great question. Here's your answers:

  • Because it's built to last. Made of rigid vinyl, (like a credit card but thinner) it's ready to safeguard your precious memories.
  • Because the stars go all the way to 6' tall. That's more memories to measure!
  • It's washable even without removing your markings because…
  • You get a free permanent marker with each grow chart. ($1.95 value)
  • Each chart comes with free top and bottom hanger handles for easy mounting. These molded handles really give the chart a finished look. ($3.95 value)
  • It's easy to hang, store, move or even add to your scrapbook. Just snap off the hangers and roll up into a 6" coil and tour ready to go. Scrap bookers can just cut the chart into sections with packing tape to fold up for storage.
  • Your new grow chart is in stock and ready to ship to you NOW!
  • Yes, there's more but you get the point…we've pulled out all the stops to make sure this grow chart is the best choice to safeguard your memories.

So Make Me a Great Deal and Get it to Me Quick Right?

OK. Here's the deal(s). For a limited time (like until postage rates go up again) we'll send it to you by Standard shipping for FREE. You'll get it in about 8-10 business days. That saves you $5.50. (U.S and Canada orders.), or upgrade to Priority for just $5.50 saving you nearly $1 off actual Priority shipping costs so you can begin watching your memories grow even sooner!

Want to save more? OK, order three or more of these grow charts (any models you like) and you'll get $4 off each chart you order. This is especially great when you realize that these grow charts are…

Just Possibly the Best Child's Gift Ever

Just think. Gifts of clothing and toys will be long forgotten when kids are still measuring their growing progress on the grow chart you so thoughtfully gave.

You can further insure that your generosity will be remembered by using the permanent pen that comes with the chart to write an inscription like "To Laura with love from Aunt Linda 11/1/2009" on the back.

You'll be appreciated year after year for your considerate gift.

Of Course, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Naturally, we're so convinced that you'll love your new Blue Stars grow chart that it's easy for us to guarantee your satisfaction. So, if for any reason your grow chart does not meet your expectations you are welcome to return it in new condition to us within 30 days for a full refund or exchange at your option.

Start Building Your Child's Confidence Today!

Why not start your own vertical timeline of your child's growing years right away. By ordering right now you'll get:

  • Free Standard Shipping ($5.50 value) with option to upgrade to Priority at a discount.
  • Free Permanent Marking Pen ($1.95 value)
  • Free Top and Bottom molded hanger handles ($3.95 value-wow this is adding up!)
  • A Discount of $4 each on Orders of 3 or more grow charts
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • A Beautiful Record of Your Child's Growing Years

Thanks for shopping with us. We look forward to providing you with the opportunity to track and encourage your child's growth both physically and mentally for many years to come!


Scott and Cathy

P.S. Accelerate your child's confidence and learning by ordering right now and we'll get your grow chart to you quick! All our grow charts are in-stock and ready to ship.

P.P.S. We won't be able to offer the Free Standard Shipping for much longer so please take advantage of this savings now!

P.P.P.S Remember to personalize your grow chart. Making their grow chart "my"growchart" is extra-empowering for your child.

Questions? We'd love to hear from you at info@mygrowchart.com. We'll get back to you soon!

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