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Finally, a Growth Chart as Unique as Your Child

"Let's celebrate the differences between us!" sang the group of first graders at our elementary school family night. This was a generation of kids that truly understood and cherished what it means to be "unique".

And for good reason. Having an appreciation for each individual's special qualities encourages our children to be more creative and confident...core qualities for sure.

Art is probably the activity where our kids are most encouraged to be unique. From choosing colors and shapes to even the types of projects to attempt, kid art is very personal indeed.

Since our kid's art is soooo self expressive we find it incredibly valuable. We can't ever bring ourselves to let go of it. In fact, our kid's art often ends up in a most sacred place. The refrigerator!

So here's an opportunity to encourage your child's creative and self esteem development at the same time:

The Ultimate Personalized Growth Chart

They get to choose the colors. One tone or many. Bright, or pastel. Stand-out or blend in. Color it all at once or a flower at a time as each height milestone is reached.

Use colored pencils or crayons, you get to choose!

For sure, this is "their" growth chart. Nobody else's.

Perhaps, if they're young enough, you can join in on the decision process too. Help choose the colors to match their room. Or color each flower to make them special milestones to reach for.

Milestones are great. They can even help you encourage healthy behavior. After all, the best and quickest way to reach the next flower is to "eat your vegetables" and "go to bed on time".

The Ultimate Personalized Gift

Not sure what color is best? Simple. The color they choose is always best.

This gift will last years longer than most any gift you can purchase for this precious child.

"It's really a nice product...heavily built and made to last."
M. Anderson, Customer

Clothes, toys or even sports gear are mostly outgrown too quickly. This gift grows with them...all the way to 6' tall. That's a lot of years to measure!

Remember to use the (free) permanent pen that comes with the chart to write on the back an inscription like: "To Jason with love from Aunt Linda 1/12/2010. Your gift won't be forgotten. Ever.

And Speaking of Personalization...

Yes, your child's name can be boldly added across the top molded hanger/handle. Choose from five fun fonts at the bottom of this page to get the look you want and they'll KNOW this chart is uniquely theirs.

"As soon as we hung it up my daughter, Abigail, was showing everyone who came to the house ‘her' grow chart and how it worked"

Examples of personalized names are at the bottom. Computer cut letters give a high-quality look.

Supporting Children Around the World

A portion of the proceeds from each growth chart you purchase will be donated to sponsor children in need through World Vision. This amazing organization provides food, medicine and education to struggling families all over the world. Check out their work at www.world vision.org.

So Aside from the Colorable Feature, Why is This Chart Best for My Child?


Great question. Here's your answers:


  1. Because it's built to last. Made of rigid vinyl, (like a credit card but thinner) it's ready to stand the test of time.
  2. Because the Flowers go all the way to 6' tall. That's more memories to measure!
  3. Both English and Metric measurements along the edges of the charts help kids learn both systems from an early age.
  4. You get a free permanent marker with each growth chart. ($1.95 value)
  5. Each chart comes with free top and bottom hanger handles for easy mounting. These molded handles really give the chart a finished look. ($3.95 value)
  6. It's easy to hang, store, move or even add to your scrapbook. Just snap off the hangers and roll up into a 6" coil and you're ready to go. Scrapbookers can just cut the chart into sections with packing tape to fold up for storage.
  7. Your new grow chart is in stock and ready to ship to you NOW!
  8. Yes, there's more but you get the point...we've pulled out all the stops to make sure this growth chart is the best choice to record your child's growing years.

Save Big Now!

For a limited time these growth charts will be shipped to you FREE via USPS Standard Parcel post, (a $5.50 savings) Really, we won't be able to offer this for much longer since postage rates keep going up. (U.S. and Canada orders)  and of course you can upgrade to Priority for just $4.95 (a savings of nearly $2.00 off actual Priority shipping costs) so your child can begin making "art" even sooner!

Also, if you order 3 or more growth charts (any models) you'll get an additional $4 off each chart...great for gift giving!

And of course, you'll get free top and bottom hanger/handles ($3.95 value) and a free permanent marking pen ($1.95 value) with each growth chart.

Of Course Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We're so sure that you'll love your new Colorable Flowers growth chart that you are welcome to return it in new condition within 30 days for a full refund for any reason. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.


So go ahead, order right now and we'll send your Colorable flowers growth chart(s) right out. We'll even send them directly to a different address to save you the trouble and expense of re-shipping a gift.

Thanks for shopping with us!


Scott and Cathy

P.S. This is your opportunity to create a growth chart as unique as your child and capture their growing memories.

P.P.S. Please take advantage of the Free Standard Shipping and quantity discounts now. As costs go up we won't be able to offer these special deals much longer.

Questions? Please contact us at: info@mygrowchart.com .We'll get back to you soon!



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