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Child Growth Charts

There are few things more rewarding for a parent or more exciting for a child
then to see just how much and how fast they've grown.  You have only one
chance to mark these milestones in your child's life!  A fun and colorful
growth chart
will safely keep the record of your child's growth from infancy
to adulthood for a lifetime of memories.  Unlike a paper chart that will tear and
discolor in a few years, our child growth chart is made from durable, cleanable
rigid, yet flexible vinyl that can be hung with our included hangers and taken
down to roll up for moving or safe storage.

A beautiful child growth chart is a perfect shower or birthday gift! Toys and
clothes are soon outgrown, but your loving gift will live on year after year. 
Included with your child growth chart is a permanent marker, you can use to
mark your child's growing memories on the chart.  Include your personal message
on the back of the chart and your gift, and you, will always be remembered
on those important days.  For an extra special touch, have the mounting handle
personalized with the child's name.

My Grow Charts come in a variety of delightful designs for both boys and girls
to fit their individual personalities.  The chart measurements include both inches
and centimeters to help children learn how these two systems of measurement
compare.  Order your child growth chart today to begin recording your child's
growth history and begin building these special memories.