Infant Growth Charts

Record your infant's growth with these charts Tracking your infant's growth during their early stages is a fun and rewarding way to keep a record of the most important years of a child's life. Those years move fast, and before you know it, your baby becomes a toddler and then an adult.

Don't miss out on the only opportunity to keep a lasting record of their growth progress. Our growth charts are perfect for recording these precious stages from infancy to teen years.

To use, simply lay your baby on the comfortable chart and mark the growth progress just like doctors do! As your infant grows, you can easily hang our charts on any wall to continue recording the growth of your child. The charts are strong yet flexible, and can easily be rolled up for convenient storage of memories that will last a lifetime.

FREE With Every Order:
All of our charts come with a Free Sharpie Marker and convenient Wall Hanging Unit for continued easy recording as your child grows.

Please choose a chart design for your infant boy or girl from those listed below.
(To see a larger view of each image, point your mouse at the "+" [plus sign] in the lower right hand corner of each image).